Music Guru is a small but expanding business who are dedicated to offering multiple musical opportunities to children and adults.
With a pure love and enthusiasm of music and education we are driven to offer top quality tuition with a reputation of truly caring about each individual pupil. We believe strongly in offering personalised lesson plans; constant encouragement and positivity; fun and unforgettable lessons; flexibility; constant and honest communication and much more.
This small business has grown its client base by word of mouth and we are now at the point of expanding further by employing more instrumental tutors; offering holiday courses; creating bands/choirs; and organising multiple concerts/events.
This personalised and growing business is close to our hearts and there is nothing more rewarding than giving the gift of music to all ages. Come and join our small supportive Music Guru community. We may be small but we have huge ideas, vast enthusiasm and a great love for what we do.
Sending our Best Wishes,
Music Guru Teachers