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Music Guru is a small but expanding business who are dedicated to offering multiple musical opportunities to children and adults.
With a pure love and enthusiasm of music and education we are driven to offer top quality tuition with a reputation of truly caring about each individual pupil. We believe strongly in offering personalised lesson plans; constant encouragement and positivity; fun and unforgettable lessons; flexibility; constant and honest communication and much more.
This small business has grown its client base by word of mouth and we are now at a point where we can offer holiday courses; creating bands/choirs; and organising multiple concerts/events.
This personalised and growing business is close to our hearts and there is nothing more rewarding than giving the gift of music to all ages. Come and join our small supportive Music Guru community. We may be small but we have huge ideas, vast enthusiasm and a great love for what we do.
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Music Guru


Music Guru currently offers lessons in the following instruments for children and adults: 

Piano, Singing, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Recorder, Guitar , Ukulele, Violin,   Drums, Music Theory and Music Composition

We encourage individual lessons, however group lessons are available if the demand is there.

At Music Guru we work hard to ensure that the lessons are tailored to each individuals goal, level and style with an emphasis on offering as many musical opportunities as possible for your child or yourself to develop as an all rounded musician.

We believe strongly that working together with the parents through clear and constant communication is key to ensuring your child continues to develop their musical skills outside of lessons. We have a mix of instrumental lessons taking place outside of school hours at our base in Spencers Wood ,or depending on the school, during school hours in their building.

Throughout the year we hold multiple concerts, courses, ensembles and workshops to develop the skills we cant always focus on in weekly lessons so keep an eye on the upcoming events! 


Please check back here for information of any upcoming events


My daughter has been having piano lessons with Lisa for just over a year and her progress is amazing. Lisa knows how to encourage and get the best out of her students and has developed my daughters ability and confidence in a calm and friendly way.

Nina Broadway


Lisa is full of energy and passion and is fantastic teaching my two children aged 7 and 8 the clarinet and piano (and for a while the saxophone). It has been really helpful being able to talk to Lisa about the children’s progress at the end of each class and how we can support them with their music. We have also really appreciated Lisa having open conversations with us about the right instrument for our children and making sure they have a positive experience and get the most out of their lessons. The children are getting a well rounded approach to music (ie theory and listening skills) which we know will help them as they continue.
The children look forward to their lessons each week which says it all!

Hollie Culham


Lisa is a fantastic tutor. I’m a ‘mature’ student that was a little apprehensive of starting up piano at 39, but she made me feel at ease straight away. We do a mix of music theory and practice pieces. She also got to know what sort of music I liked so that alongside some of the more structured pieces I also get to have a go at playing some of my favourite tunes (Games Of Thrones for example). A very relaxed atmosphere where she offers plenty of encouragement; even when I’m playing like Les Dawson

Matt Knight


Lisa is a very talented teacher, always very welcoming, very friendly – and most importantly – very patient! She’s excellent at making me feel confident and the lessons are fun as well as being informative.

Julie Mullins


Lisa is an amazing teacher. She teaches piano to my two, who are 7 & 10, who think the world of her! Lisa starts with the basics of teaching them how to read music and teaches them this, in such a way, that this skill will stay with them. They want to practise piano at home between their lessons and that’s down to Lisa’s enthusiastic approach to teaching and encouragement. I would recommend Lisa every time! 

Sue Howard


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